Are you looking for the strength inside yourself?

Do you struggle with modern day challenges?

Do you have a hard time setting boundaries?

Do you feel like you cannot be yourself?

I coach women to rebuild trust in themselves and to step into their power. I train women to take care of their physical and mental health to enable them to look after themselves and others while maintaining independence and personal boundaries.

What can I offer you?

A personal approach with a customized service to get you to stand in your power and enable you to become strong and independent in life.


Work on learning to trust yourself, encourage you to find your personal passion, encourage you to reach your full potential, add structure with a plan of action.


Break through negative thoughts, patterns, and learned beliefs. Coaching during stressful processes of change and major events like menopause, divorce and mourning. Complemented with natural supplement advice according to need.

Body-oriented psychotherapy

Together, we look at the connection between your body, thoughts, and emotions. With practical exercises, chakra- and colour therapy and guided meditations. According to need, complemented with natural supplement advice to strengthen your immune system.

What I stand for: authenticity, personal development and justice.

Who I am

My name is Astrid Voskuil, proud mother of a 23-year-old son. I am driven and motivated to help women step back into their power; independent and self-reliant so they can reach their full potential. I believe in following your passion; what makes you happy? What are you good at? What is your talent? And use that. Not just for yourself.

Your talent is the power with which you also serve the world.


  • Bachelor Personal Coaching
  • Bachelor Natural Remedies
  • Body-oriented psychotherapy
  • Depression coaching
  • Intuitive coaching

My motivation

In my childhood, in personal relationships and in the working environment, I have experienced the effect thoughts have on your mental and physical health. Through the years, I have discovered what gives me energy and where my strengths lie. I have experienced that nutrition plays an important role in hormonal processes and thus, also influences your mental health. I believe in inner nourishment: healthy food and healthy, positive thoughts.

“Astrid has coached me and that helped me a lot. She has a positive outlook on life and thinks in possibilities. She has a very strong intuition, you feel a deep natural feeling of love and empathy and that enables you to fully open up. She can quickly oversee and feel situations and is committed and fully there for you. With the education she has got, she has everything to do her job well. And she continues to develop herself. This pays off and leads to good results. I’m sure she is here in the world to enlighten and make the world a better place. She makes the world more beautiful, especially for those she helps! I sincerely recommend her.” – Karin

 “Astrid has helped me to connect the puzzle pieces of my past with her clear insights. She has assisted me with healing old wounds, discovering who I truly am and what makes me happy. I am incredibly grateful for her help and I highly recommend her if you are interested in personal development. With her support, I am now feeling much lighter, more self-confident, and happier.” – Maria

“The personal growth process I have gone through with Astrid as a facilitator has been deeply transformative. Her insights, guidance and tools are to the point. She is so caring in her approach, and you feel seen and understood. She is also efficient, and I feel I got great results for my investments. I am truly grateful and would really recommend Astrid and Authentica Female Coaching.”Marianne, Norway

“In a respectful manner, Astrid has given me insight and assistance in finding my way back to myself. By allowing me to be myself during this process, the woman I truly am. I am grateful to her for this.” – Corinne

“The moment I came to Astrid, there was an instant connection. Such a great experience! Her empathic ability made me open up right away and I hardly had to ask my question. She already knew what it was about. How nice it was to be supported and confirmed that my intuition had not failed me. After this conversation I know that I can go my own way and trust my inner wisdom. I feel at home in myself. I hope others will also find their way to Astrid.” Annet

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